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The Avis Archive

For the past year, since avis' release. I have been working on a new collection. A deeper dive into the journey of avis, and a sort of extra internal healing.

avis was a challenge, overseen and published by BookLeaf Publishing, and I was limited on the size of the book.

Though avis will always have a special place in my heart, the limitation has never sat well with me. Seven years of my life, smushed into twenty-one poems left me feeling flat; not understood. Thus, my embark on self-publication.

The Avis Archive, is a compilation of my journey through domestic violence, addiction, grief, acceptance, and healing. All the nitty gritty, sloppy, whiny, rage-filled details. With poetry and artwork by my dear friend, Kira Jones, to accompany each piece.

I have never been prouder of a piece of work, and I cannot wait to share it with the world.

Available in paperback only on

//Azrael Aplin

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